In a world where 95% of retail transactions happen in physical stores the retailer is blind to their customer profile and behaviour. Vadaro brings light into this dark world. Coming soon to a store near you:Cameras, kiosks and digital signs that can see!

What We do

Vadaro is transforming the Retail Industry through the use of advanced Video Analytics and Computer Vision technology.

Business focus

Using Vadaro's software, in-store cameras will reveal who's shopping in a store, where they go and why. In-store devices such as kiosks and digital signs will “see” the customer and deliver a new generation of interactive and personalized consumer experiences.

The sheer volume and accuracy of the data captured from these devices and cameras takes analytics and insights to another level. The impact is that the retailer can design and deliver greater customer experiences that build loyalty and drive profits.


Vadaro develops retail solutions based on two fundamental technologies:

Video AnalyticsUnlocking video information

80% of the world's Enterprise data is in the form of video and images. Video Analytics now enables enterprises to extract and analyse valuable information, within these large databases, to enable a new generation of applications and services. Video analytics is the game changer for strategic decision making.

Computer VisionAllowing devices to see

Vadaro Computer Vision is designed to enable a device to “see”, interact, and provide “real-time” feedback. In the retail environment this will be used to transform the experiences for shoppers in-store as well as provide customer insights that were previously not possible.

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Vadaro's vision is to transform strategic industries (e.g. retail) through the use of Video Analytics and Computer Vision.

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